Transformers + F1 rule changes = cool video

Like or dislike reigning Formula 1 world champions Red Bull Racing but you can’t help but deny their expertise in winning races and titles.

Not to mention the expertise of their vast and well connected media house that has been a boon in not only promoting the F1 team, but in many cases, the sport itself.

From taking their F1 car up to the highest motorable road in the world (in India) to scaring the local livestock on a Texas ranch and doing donuts on a yet-to-be-built Circuit of the Americas, the team has almost become the de-facto promoter for F1.

They seem to have pulled out the stops even more than usual as far as enlightening hardcore fans and some curious onlookers about the technical intricacies with regards to the new-for-2014 technical regulations.

Here is their new video. Enjoy.

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Motorsport journalist.
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