Interesting initiative from Getty Images

Just trying out what Getty Images claims to be the ability to embed more than 35 million of its images for use on the Web by bloggers and independent websites.

I don’t know at the moment if it will allow me to use this blog a lot more frequently but a reaction from veteran F1 photographer Darren Heath suggests that the move – largely driven to stop bloggers etc from just copy pasting from news sites without attribution – will be detrimental to photographers.

Heath’s argument suggests that the ability of anyone to just embed an image without paying for it will lead to lost revenue for photographers who are constantly in the hunt to be creative and use the latest cutting edge equipment while travelling the world over on assignments.

It seems as if giving credit won’t be enough of a an incentive for photographers to back the move and as of now it doesn’t seem like there is a way to prevent someone from simply copy pasting the embeded image from the blog or site.

All in all it seems like a losing battle for photographers unless they manage to get their work into print, however there doesn’t yet seem to be a solution to stop the work from spreading over the World Wide Web once the image makes it to the publication’s website.

But at least when I embed the image of one of the oddest looking F1 cars in the history of the sport, people will know that Mark Thompson of Getty Images Sport was responsible for clicking it.

Embed from Getty Images


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