At the 2013 Raid de Himalaya

Giving rider S. David Englebert a little push to get going.
c/o Jasjeet Plaha

Hello everyone, my name is Vinayak Pande.

I’m a motor sports journalist (have been for the most part) with a one track mind that doesn’t veer too far from motor racing – that’s the short version!

In all honesty I had never given journalism much of a thought until I figured out it could be a way to get closer to the sport of motor racing which has fascinated me for over 20 years now.

I try to keep up on everything about Formula 1 and it’s roots in Grand Prix Racing. The period of the 1920s and 1930s and its cast of characters particularly helped to increase my interest in the sport.

I currently work for autoX, a car magazine based in New Delhi. I have previously worked for Hindustan Times, India’s second largest English language newspaper, on the sports desk where I pretty much covered only motorsport. Prior I worked for Autocar India and interned at ESPN Star Sports for three months where unfortunately I was bombarded by India’s fixation on cricket!

A summary of my work experience can be found here.

Rest assured though, that this blog doesn’t reflect the views of my current or past employers. It has, in fact, evolved from something I started in my final year of college to wax lyrical on motor sport to something where I vent on topics related to it, based on the information I gather about it and the people involved in it that I get to talk to.

You’ll notice a big gap between some posts because this blog invariably ends up coming second to the work required for my employers. I keep fairly active on Twitter, however, as a stop gap till when I get down to writing.

Recently I have also discovered the use of Instagram in sharing the photographs I take on assignment.

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