No more for Schumacher too

Following news of David Coulthard’s retirement from all forms of motorsport, his one-time rival Michael Schumacher has stated that he won’t try his hand at any other form of racing after his retirement from Formula 1 at the end of the 2012 season.

The seven-time world champion was quoted by Italian publication Gazzeta dello Sport as saying, “Formula One offers the maximum as far as emotions, speed and work completeness are concerned. Another type of car wouldn’t give me the same feelings. I’m stopping here completely.”

What may be of interest here is that he only referred to car racing. Could he try his hand at motorcycle racing again (unlikely though it may seem)? Schumacher watched from the Ducati pits as his MotoGP counterpart Valentino Rossi took second place at the French GP at Le Mans this May. Purely a sponsorship exercise or picking up some tips?

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