F1 2010: Drama in all the right places

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Think back to the goings on in Formula 1 over the past three seasons. 2009 was all about the threat of a possible breakaway series that was averted only once the season got well underway (deals were made by the British Grand Prix). 2008 featured a thrilling and controversial race for the drivers’ championship and seven different winners throughout the season. However, this was almost overshadowed by then FIA president Max Mosley’s seedy private life and the withdrawal of Honda at the end of the season. Honda’s withdrawal sent shock waves through the sport that had people questioning the viability of F1. 2007 also featured a great fight for the drivers’ title but was all about the spying scandal that lead to McLaren being thrown out of the race for the constructors’ title and hit with a 100 million dollar fine.

Now turn your attention to the 2010 vintage of F1. A championship battle for the drivers title that has seen the lead in the points table change hand eight times. The return of Michael Schumacher. The return of Mercedes-Benz as a constructor. Close racing, a comeback for the ages by Fernando Alonso and the addition of South Korea to the F1 calendar. And the controversies? The usual row about Ferrari’s interpretation of team orders and a rivalry between the Red Bull Racing drivers that is the result of Mark Webber catching the more fancied Sebastian Vettel completely by surprise. Speculation is rife about whether Webber will stay at Red Bull next year after his candid comments about the team being ’emotionally behind’ Vettel.

And that’s it. That and the delay in getting the South Korean venue of Yeongam ready (and the issues with race start time that followed) have been what has passed for controversy in F1 this year. It is a state of affairs that F1 fans all over the world should be thankful for as they watch the fight for the drivers’ and constructors’ title go down to, what seems like, the very last race in Abu Dhabi. Five drivers still in it mathematically and no matter who wins there is one true winner; Formula 1.

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